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Willycon IX!!

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OKay, so I'm at the Sci-Fi Convention I helped put together [they should just change the WillyCon Coordinator description to "You are the Sci-Fi Club's bitch, deal with everything." hehe.] and one of Jodie's friends Will is really fun to hang around with. Me personally, I don't see anything wrong with guy friends, they're fun to hang out with.

Well, Will and I began talking Friday night when he and Jodie had found me. I'd met Will the year before, briefly, but he was excited to finally meet me and talk to me . So we start talking and it's going smoothly of course, I'd gotten used to talking to guys--plus, WillyCon seems to be one huge flirting session to some. I love it. This weekend was kind of a blur of interesting occurences, to tell the truth, so I'm trying to write as much as I know down.

Will is someone who doesn't do the possessive game once he starts flirting, and I was happy about that [coordinator shouldn't have tie-downs as tough to deal with as that] and I think just talking to him as much as I did opened up my mind. I could actually talk to guys and be friendly/more friendly than usual, and there were those who could actually have a conversation with me and not be intimidated by my forward comments that could be interpretted wrong. Well, he did confirm with Jodie that I was being friendly the entire time but I was hung up on this other guy first and foremost [and That's complicated if anything, seriously, the guy needs to follow his own advice and level with someone interested in him otherwise she'll walk away and never come back].

Well, Will was a fresh face and I wanted to have fun, so we ended up flirting a little [underexaggeration O.o;;;] and we became a bit attached. TONS in common and he treated me like a close friend. At one point his hand went around my waist, but I backed off a bit when that happened. I was comfortable in any case, but everytime I looked around, people I thought cared looked a little uncomfortable with me catching their eye so they looked away.

I ended up with his phone number somehow and he had mine, so anything could happen I suppose. We're only friendly attached, as Jodie said. On to the actual WillyCon summary:

As the coordinator, my job was listed as "On Call", so when something needed to be done, I had to take care of it that second. When Kayla asked if I could be the overnight gaming host, I said sure and went along my way. I pulled an all-nighter for the Halo guys--so many of them were just wanting to play and I couldn't really deny them during the Con. Some guys stayed up for 44 hours this year, last year the record was 52. One douchebag got angry after losing and threw his controller against the wall--that was before my shift, the rest of the guys just put him on ignore mode and I kept my eye on him all night.

How could I not? Every five minutes he was sticking a fucking pencil in my fucking ear and shaking it around. After about the fiftieth time--I was REALLY tired and didn't want to deal with him--I cussed him out and sent him to the other end of the room. Then he started getting touchy-feely [damn teenagers] and I grabbed his forearm, then twisted it until he apologized profusely. I will not be handled by some braggart who can't keep his cool. He got his comeuppance, anyway. Last night at the Dead Dog Party [final get together for Con attendees] he told us about this horrible migraine he got that morning--vomit-inducing, pounding headache. Karma catches up to you.

After some kinks this weekend [the pancake mix search at 6:30a.m. on Saturday after about an hour of sleep, breakfast problems in general "where's the Pam?" "We ran out of Sausage" "umm, juice?"] and the Will fun, and the three panels I helped with [Conspiracy theories, Anime, Manga] going over very well [we made foil hats!! ^_^], I think this con went over very well!



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