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good, fast, no BS movie. Looking to kill some time and want nothing but fast in your face action with some really really cool outfits? Well this movie is for you.

Definitely don't expect a whole story at the beginning visually explaining about the past or whats going on. They cover all that by about 3 of 4 black screens with words and then toss you right into the fun of Vikings killing Indians for the hell of it.

The movie for the most part is no laughing matter but when you see a Indian that doesn't talk, acts like a kid, is a little slow in the head, you cant help but laugh when he dose stupid things that would otherwise not be funny at all. I accidentally blurted out "retarded Indian" and half the theater laughed (there was about 10 people in there). Ya thats another thing, they wont be playing the movie in the big rooms if your theater has them. We got put into the smallest room since the movie got really bad reviews.

Anyway I think it was worth the $7.50. I give it a 5.3 out of 10.

PS. If you see the movie and you see the funny Indian, think about what I said. You will laugh or think I'm an ass.


All hail piggy, king of bacon ^)^

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This movie looks awesome, can't wait to see it. but we always have too >_> haven't been to the theater, since Anaconda. ^_^; lol

this movie is also based on this

http://www.darkhorse.com/profile/preview.php?theid=14-123 a graphic novel published by dark horse, so anyone who liked the movie, can always check out the book. would like to read the book my self.

Dubirds on a Plane!


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