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KH: Extended Final Movie Clip! *SPOILERS*

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This is the extended version of the Secret Movie found in Kingdom Hearts 2. There are spoilers!!!


^This is the original one found by DarkHelmet543


^This one has both the first secret movie and the new one strung together with music and it has been subbed.

Strangly enough, there's no Sora, Riku, or Kiari that I can see *though one of the knights looks exactly like Roxas, and one kinda looks like Axel, and the other looks like Zexion*, though the main baddy looks a lot like Ansem's apprentace Xehanort...hmmm. Also this game looks like it's going to be a lot more adult bassed, the movie itself was rather...intense I guess compared to the last two games. It also looks like KH: 3 *which is not the official name* is going to be more of a pre-quel than a sequel. I think Magic is going to be pretty intense compared to the last to games, and a more reliable attack.

[sIGPIC]What's wrong, cat eat your tounge?[/sIGPIC]

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