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The Worst Sister ever....

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I swear I have the worst sister ever!:x

My car has been down for a week because it needed a tune up and I have not yet payed the mechanic. So, my sis was gonna take me to see my daughter this weekend since the weekends are my days to see her.

My sis and her man fight all the time about their "habits" and got into a screaming, punching holes in the walls battle last night. They didn't wan't to go at the last minute. Instead of calling my mom at 9:00pm last night waking her and my 2 year old (we stay with my mom when I come up to visit) I did not bother to tell my ex that I was unable to come up. he has this thing with my daughter staying the night with grandma when I am not there. It's a power play thing I think.Anywho..this sparked a fight between us and he is taking me back to mediation because he says that I never come through. I admit I had a few times where I didn't come up there to visit. Last week I had strep and a staff infection. iI was on heavy antibiotics. I did not wan't to get my daughter sick. Yesterday as u all know was Saint Patty's day, my HUGE beer drinking holiday:haha: . My ex knows I get wasted every patty day on dark beer and Irish car bombs.He yelled at me that I fucked up for the last time and hoped I was having fun being at a party instead of with my daughter. Worst of all, when I called my angel face to tell her good night she said "Mommy, u going to nap with me?" (she refers to sleep as 'naps' or 'mimis(mee mee). I just about died.:(

To make it even harder on me...

My sister calls me up to tell me she just informed my ex's new gf that I no longer have a DL (it got suspended over a ticket that was payed and the DMV fucked up.) She also went on to tell me what a piece of shit mother for all kinds of fucked up things she can come up with/ Example: my daughter is 2 and refers to my ex's gf as mom, since she hears the other child calling her that as well. My daughter also calls her dad 'Sam' since we all do. I always try and say 'daddy' when I am talking to her about her dad, and I do not bad mouth him to her. Anuyhoo the whole 'mom' calling thing alone fired my sister up with her whole 'your daughter does not know u let alone like you speech'. My sis ranted all night on how I fucked up her childhood cause I picked on her. That I was the favorite, and our parent argued over me soooo much that it lead to the divorce. My dad cheated on my mother. Nuff said. My sister has not worked in a month and a half. She complains how she racked all her credit cards up to almost $8000, got a line of credit to pay it off and then almost maxed it out AGAIN cuz she says she has to 'live' on it. She can't quit her own habits, and her fiancee blows his money on his habits. And I'm to blame because I picked on her when we were kids? LMAO.^_^;

The best part?:haha: My sister and her fiancee split a few months ago for like a week and she went upstairs and fucked the hottie neighbor boy. They kept fucking around because my sister claims that when her fiancee wan'ts to stop being a dead beat adn get a better job, she'll quit cheating. She claims they were taking 'a break'. SO, neighbor boy shows up at MY house at 12:30am, claiming he came by to check on me. He had no idea me and my sis were fighting. he admitted to my sis this morning, he came by to say hello to me???? I open the door and I'm wasted at this point on Jose. I had my friend over, who showed up with flowers and a bottle of Jose, to ease my tears since I was a mess over the hole shitty mom I let my daughter down kick:( Long story short, hott neighbor boy tried to hook up with meO_O and I almost did:D ! I never shed any clothes and there was some kissing BUT I had to say no for the fact I could not do that to my sister. As big of a bitch that she is and she would have deserved it, I just could not. She almost left her fiancee for the neighbor boy. He's like family to me because he is always there for my sister. Even more than her man is. I have a lot of respect for him. 7 shots of Jose later..I was a little flirty, but I still kept my head on. I think I pissed him off cuz I woke up on the couch and he was gone.. I think I did the right thing:cool: .

Even though I have the worst sister EVER!:x


"Well, Toutousai...don't you think it's a pity for Tessaiga? All Inuyasha can do is wave about a sword with all his strength...it's the same whether it's a famous sword or a log."


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