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The Shadow! (i think this counts)

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as in, i think this is the best palce for a topic like this to go. since there is no Radio section, and this is'nt music.

This is the classic Radio Show's of "The Shadow" One of the original (and frankly underrated) Pulp Hero's.


and to Make this topic relevant to this section, (just in case)



The Shadow, coming back to the big screen, anyone like the first one? when i first saw it(and how i got in to the shadow) i thought it was awesome. still do, though in some parts you could smell the cheese. :blech:

Sam Raimi did a good job with Spider-man, despite people's little problems here and there with it. (though everyone's not going to like something about something) he could do a good job here. just hope it's not made Modren, it being set 1930's - 1940's, was awesome.

Dubirds on a Plane!


"Don't Mess With The Nation, That Needs Medication!" - Christopher Titus - end of the world comedy tour

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