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Anyone, who can stand the bad filming.

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we made some funny videos(funny to you or not, it's funny to some, and us anyway lol) just random videos, one to watch though, is "JBL episode 14" and "worlds worst football team.

the first JBL time episode, was just something Random, Cobra ?(chase), came up with, when he was bored, and picked out our little brothers wrestling figs. you may not like some of these vids if you don't like wrestling, but if you like egotistical/smartass jerks, then you might like Chase's version of JBL(which is like JBL on WWE, but really out there)



Oh and another one thats good is, "Mr Money Money" that would be Chase you see in the background, other wise known as, Cobra ?

Dubirds on a Plane!


"Don't Mess With The Nation, That Needs Medication!" - Christopher Titus - end of the world comedy tour

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