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Square-Enix licenses unreal engine 3

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This reminds me of another post I made about FF12:

I think the developers spent all their time and money on the battle system, gambit ai, monster interactions and the entire environment instead of putting money into a solid script. To me, it was if the whole purpose of FF12 was to make people get used to a real time battle system/mmorpg environment so they could maybe hook more fans onto FF11.

I don't understand why every FF has to have a completely different battle system. Back in the day every FF battle system had the same primary elements, enemies separated on one side, your guys on the other. and they kept improving on it all the way up to FFX where it hit the limit of what that battle system can do.. I still think they could have kept the same battle system from FFX and made multiple final fantasy games based off of it's style. They would have more money for plot development, etc instead of pumping cash into programming and designing an entirely new system and the games would have probably sold like hot cakes.

I wonder if they'll use the unreal engine for a new final fantasy or possibly a kingdom hearts game. Imagine playing KH powered by the unreal engine. O_O what a difference that would be..


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