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Haven't written anything in a while

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A long fucking while, and it just kinda came out. Tell me what you think >.>

Boy and Girl

There once was a boy. He loved a girl. The girl loved the boy's best friend. They dated for a

while, but the boy's best friend treated the girl badly. It made the boy sad to see her pain. The boy's

best friend didn't care about her, treated her badly, and made the girl cry, although he didn't know it.

Things weren't going well for a long time, and it made the boy sad. The boy's best friend eventually

broke up with the girl. He didn't care. The girl was sad. That night the girl went to the boy's house.

The boy and his friend eagerly awaited her arrival. The boy felt happy that he was going to see her

again. He also knew the girl was going to need a shoulder to cry on, and that would be him. He felt

exultant. The girl came over, she didn't cry. She took it well, and managed to have fun despite her

pain. She accepted it as part of life, and moved on. The boy felt happy that she wasn't so sad, but he

also felt sad that she didn't need someone to cry on. The girl moved on that night, but the boy never did.

Looking back, the boy felt sad that he was so desperate and pathetic as to use a girl's pain for his

own gain. He also felt shame at not even realizing it until later. Looking back he also felt proud that

the girl took it so well, and moved on. He also felt terrible for feeling sadness that she didn't display

her emotions in a physical manner. The boy still loves the girl, and always will. He lies in bed awake

at night, praying to nothing for her safety and happiness. He knows that if he meets her again 10 years

down the road, he'll still love her. And when they're both 90 years old, whether they meet or not,

the boy will still see the girl as his 16 year old queen who made life worth living.

aomsehri \|/

This post is definitely my greatest contribution to the site.

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