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Humans,Devils and Angels.

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Just a little something I whipped up in a state of boredom-

They say the devil is a dragon,

with skin as red as blood,

with a three pronged tail

each point as sharp as a knife.

He isn't

They say the devil is a beastly creature,

who sits upon a throne made of skulls,

sipping away at a goblet full of blood,

while he watches us all suffer in pain and misery.

He doesn't.

The devil, is white,black,yellow,red and tan.

a man, and a woman,

all at once.

The devil lives an everyday life.

The devil drives a car, rides a bike or walks.

and lives in a house, a mansion, or even a box.

For there is no Blood red Dragon,

sitting upon a throne of skulls,

drinking blood from a goblet,

watching us all suffer in pain and misery.

There is only us.

We are the devil.

They say angels are forever young and beautiful,

with ivory white wings,

and sinless hearts of purity

They aren't.

They say angels sit on clouds,

drinking fine whine from a glass,

watching us all rejoice and relax.

They don't.

Angels are young and old,

beautiful and repulsive,

with sins and greed upon their souls.

They walk along the scuffled sidewalks of earth,

living everyday lives.

There are no perfectly sculpted winged saints,

who ride upon fluffy white clouds,

drinking whine with a smile on their face.

Only us.

We are angels.

We are evil

We are pure

We are Demons

We are angels

We are humans

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