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Welcome to the Hot Seat Campaign

There's a lot of bad news about global warming - but the good news is: it's not too late! We can implement solutions, but we need to act fast and we need our government to take the lead. That's why Project Hot Seat is turning up the heat on Congressional candidates in six key districts. Our aim is to create in Congress champions of global warming solutions.

Select an active chapter:


Pennsylvania - District 8

Colorado - District 7

Florida - District 22

Michigan - District 1


Washington - District 8

Scientists say we must begin to significantly reduce our emissions within the next ten years if we are to avoid the most dangerous impacts of global warming. The window of opportunity is closing, and the time for action is now. It's time for America to take responsibility as the world's #1 polluter by capping global warming pollution. Coal-fired power plants are the largest single source of global warming pollution. Cars, trucks and SUVs run a close second.

Immediate action is required. America must begin to reduce global warming pollution now. We must guarantee global warming pollution reductions, with enforceable deadlines. And we need to start an "Energy Revolution" by promoting clean and efficient sources of energy, not dirty and dangerous fossil fuels or nuclear power.

We are reaching for national solutions on climate change, including:

A national cap and trade system that makes real reductions within a decade

The idea behind a cap and trade system is that industries would be given a peak amount of global warming pollution based on their current pollution rate. That cap would be reduced over time, and industry would be forced to upgrade technology and reduce pollution. Some industries are improving faster than others, and to provide balance, those industries could sell credits to other companies who are lagging behind. But in time, all global warming pollution would be reduced.

A national renewable energy standard of at least 20% by 2020

The amount of money invested in renewable energy today is a tiny fraction of the overall energy sector. With little comparative investment, wind and solar technology have come a long way, and have increasingly grown in market share. In fact, globally, wind energy is the fastest growing source of new energy. But to make a major shift away from fossil fuels will require government incentive. That's why we're calling on Congress to require 20% of the nation's energy come from renewable resources by 2020.

An increase in average fuel economy to 40 mpg

Raising fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks to 40 mpg over the next decade would yield cumulative oil savings of 3 to 4 billion barrels, and 15 billion barrels by 2020. That's more oil than we currently import from the Persian Gulf, and nearly ten times the oil that could be recovered from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

How YOU Can Help

Only by acting now and by acting boldly can we combat the devastating consequences of global warming. We must implement policies that will curb and cut our greenhouse gas emissions. Our aim is to create in Congress champions of global warming solutions.

And that's where YOU come in. Join Project HotSeat today, and help us light a fire under Congress.


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