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Magic the gathering

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I am what you would call a hardcore player. I play everyday for hours on end just to get better and to find new was to trounce my opponet. My question to you is that is their anyone else that plays on a tournament level on this site, or am I the olny one. Granted This has to be one of the best games ever concived. its so open and their are thousands an thousands of ways to win, "Its just silly" (qote from and acctuall player that I know).


Me Trouncing the opposition


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Meh, it's still as big as ever DX.

I play but not on the tournament level seeing as how I've only been playing for two years and my three decks would get trounced in tournament play. Once I get my Hellbent deck to where it's undefeatable I will start entering tournaments but right now it still needs some tweaking.


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