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FLCL sig request

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I'm requesting a sig for one of the best short-series animes ever: Fooly Cooly (that's how to spell it in full version, right?) I would also like a matching avatar if that were possible, but don't overwork yourself for me, whoever it is. *grabs whip* Alright, here are the images.

For the sig:


I'd like the people (and the Moped) to be in the right corner of it, and make it like the focal point of the sig.


I'd like this to be the background.

Also, try to add the phrase "Never Knows Best" somewhere in there. (Just for the record, that's the phrase found on Mamimi's cigarettes)

As for the avatar:


Somehow make it mostly her face (the one with the handkerchief) and add GFX in Japanese characters (if it's done that way).

I hope someone can do this for me, because I know there are a lot of talented sig creators on Ancient Clan. Thanks in advance!


Fooly Cooly is when you do this with your hands...:la:

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