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AC members wanna lend a hand?

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Ok so you all can probably tell from my myspace (those who have seen it.. its a huge advertisement in itself) that i support a band called Parental Advisory. Well, they just had a show last night at the North Star Bar in Philidelphia, PA. It was a battle of the bands round where 3 bands can move onto the next round. The first place band had a huge advantage because obviously they knew someone and someone gave them a light show.. and lots of votes. (if anyone wants to see the video, let me know and ill send it to you) They need the wildcard vote to advane to the next round. They got cheated out of the 1st spot because we had 24 fans PLUS parents there..... so i dont know HOW they got 1st with only 3 fans following them around... thats a bit fishy. ANYWAY! if you could please lend a hand that would be awesome! heres what you gotta do:


The site above is a direct link to their particular battle of the bands voting page. You need to sign up with the site first before you can vote. it takes all of about 3 minutes to do, so if you could vote it would be much appreciated =^_^=

on a different topic, i took lots and lots of pictures for this show so if anyone is interested, let me know and ill post the link =^_^= i took some pretty good shots during their set =3


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