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Yes, I have fallen victum to that plague of teenage angst. XP Seriously, though, I was cleaning out my shelves, and ran across some oldies from high school. Goofy, yes, but not all that bad. I just had the insaine urge to share it. Man, I found so much great stuff! ^_^;;


You are my heart

my world

I would givem y life for you

But you don't see

what you mean to me

You look the other way

You're my best friend

but I wish it were more

I want to be near you

to touch you

to hold you

be your shoulder to cry on

and the one you laugh with

Your partner every step of the way

with you...


Road Trip

Sitting here

Standing there

Bored out of my mind

I wish I were out of here

So I drive

through the hills

for the rest of my life

just driving



Watching the buildings go by

Over river

Under tree

Seeing the cows by twos and threes

All in good company while we're driving

on a road trip

through the valleys of life

Seeing the years fall past

people coming and go

Laughing and losing

Just driving


Is it real?

or just in my mind?

Can I see?

or am I blind?

What did he just say?


I sit here in band

listening to the light notes

floating gently by.


And now, for some fun, some poems that me and my classmates wrote back in third grade. Some of these are hilarious!


first, a few of mine:

I wish I could be as

High as the birds

And as free as the wind.

Martian Landing

There was once a martian

His name was Lancing.

One day, he came down

To earth and picke

Me up and off we went!

I never expected a martian to come

And show me the universe,

But it happened.

Blue is like

A clam ocean

climbing softly

On the beach.


and some of my favorites from my classmates.

Space Lies

I can jump to Pluto,



And when I went to Mars I got some candy bars.

I jumped all the way to Mercury

And then I tried the sun

But it didn't work so well

It burned my bottom so bad

I blasted right back to Earth.


Weirdos are a special kind of nerdy


In the old days if you were

Really weird you would be a

Disgrace. No you can be an

Omnipotent weirdo like

Steve Martian.

Are you a weirdo? I think I'm a

Really wearid weirdo.

Even my dog is one.

My weird talents don't have any

Effect on my life. I think I'm an


Nobody knows what a weirdo is except

The weirdo.

The weirdo's life is not always an

Orange peel dump.

Being a weird never stops in your

Everlasting life.

Weirdos -

Everybody likes them - a little.

I don't understand my weird self.

Real people are weirdos too.

Don't ask me about weirdos, I'm a weirdo myself.

My Life as Food

I used to be a peanut,

But now I'm peanut butter.

I used to be wheat germ,

But now I'm cream of wheat.

I used to be dinner,

But now I'm in the litter box.

I'm Disappointed in Life

Life is stupid

You have ot go to school

And you have to do housework

You even have to get married -

But the worst is kids.

First Place Adventure

I went to a native territory

In Africa one day.

I saw bushes, trees, and

Animals. Say,

I saw Ms. Jesser in a pot

Being cooked by natives, you see,

They were singin'

The tribe song, "Guitarzan".

Right under her,

I saw dinosaur bones

"Biggin's" they call 'em.

They were worth a lot, no doubt.

I saved Ms. Jesser and stole

The bones and flew back to the states.

I won the Nobel Prize for science

To my surprise, and now,

I live in royalty.


Yawning in the clear blue sky

Every evening it falls out of the heavens

Like a shooting star

Losing sight of the precious color.

Open up your

Window and take in its beauty.

(some limricks!)

There once was a worm named Sammy.

Who was unmistakeably clammy.

He fell in the lake

And said, "Goodness sake!

I think I forgot how to swammy!"

There once was an old man from Spain

Who thought he was going insane.

He got his kicks

By playing with sticks

And sticking htem into his brain.

There once was a very strange man

Who threw himself into a pan.

He fried himself up

And was served in a cup

For he was a very strange man.

There once was a girl from FreeFromm

Who asked, "Can I go to the prom?"

And when she got there

She danced off her hair

And went running home to her mom.

one of mine, i could resist!

(and some odd ones...it was basicly one line, and then the second line is almost a rimshot...that's the best i can describe it)

I like your new mini, it's really a find,

(Actually, the skirt is showing your behind.)

My cats love to sit in freashly cleaned chairs,

(But when they get up they leave all their hairs.)

In winter it always snows snowflakes,

(In summer I think it should pink pink rakes.)


There you have it, a dreaded look into my past. If you're traumitzed, please send all complaints to someone else because I will just laugh. Meh. :meh:

Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints!


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Back then, the mind is free to wonder, which is why they sound a bit good for 3rd grade poems. Heh, glad I'm still a teenager. I still have a few years of creativity left.

Good poems.


Fooly Cooly is when you do this with your hands...:la:

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