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Yoshitaka Amano Working On Final Fantasy XIII

Yoshitaka Amano has said in an interview with french magazine Japan Vibes, that he is working on Final Fantasy XIII, which would be the only confirmation of Final Fantasy XIII's development so far.

Although he did not mention any details about the game, news about Final Fantasy XIII is expected to be released at this years E3 in a few weeks. Amano did not specify his role in the games development, however it is possible that he will be acting as artwork artist and logo designer.

A Final Fantasy title for the Playstation 3 is in development which is being directed by Final Fantasy VII, VIII and X director Yoshinori Kitase. If this PS3 title is Final Fantasy XIII, history would suggest that Tetsuya Nomura would be character designer on a Kitase game while Amano would work on the same game as artwork artist and logo designer.

The last time Kitase directed a game with Amano as character designer was Final Fantasy VI, which Kitase co-directed with replacement Final Fantasy XII director Hiroyuki Itou.



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I read in game informer that when they do the remake of FFVII that they plan on using the FF12 battle system...is this true? I surely hope not.... Down with the gambit system!

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Screw VII. >_>;

I want VIII or IX. I'd even take X, even though I didn't like it much.

VII is getting on my nerves.

With EVA on this. I'd like to see a remake of the IX or X battle systems. I hated VII's. That or I'd like to see them get ahold of Suikoden III's battle system or even V's (best two battle systems I've ever seen, period).


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