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To be the shadow in the back of the room

the one they wisper to

with thoughts of gloom

The dark is what we are

for those who shine

brighter then ourselves

When the light once again shines in their eyes

once again a smile on their face

we are left in the dark to wait

In the dark no longer will I be

to wait for a time

that I may be set free

Pain teaches in our dark corners

it is something we know well

we hold and we take from others to ourselves

This shadow has learned enough

let him ride as the dark knight

the black thoughts chase

A warning to the light

frome the shadows that ride

Pain we keep

It holds our calm

We do not forget

It is our guiding song


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Wow...that was really good, I'm guessing things aren't going to well for you right now. You know I'm always here...I understand if you don't want to talk to me as much though...I don't want to make Ashley upset or hurt.

[sIGPIC]What's wrong, cat eat your tounge?[/sIGPIC]

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