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Dark's Angel


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My heart aches

The bloody rain pours down

It reflects what I’m feeling

Tears of blood roll down

my face and hit the ground.

Clenching my eyes shut tight

I try to shut out everything

That wants to hurt me

I feel empty

I feel that something is missing

There’s an emptiness deep

within my soul

My heart is crying

My mind wishes it to stop

The emptiness I feel consumes me

It makes me want to lash out

The tears of blood flow more freely

I cry out in frustration as I

Feel my heart clench in loneliness.

And the tears flow faster

Opening my eyes

As the bloody rain stopped

I looked around and I

Saw that everything was covered in blood.

The emptiness I felt grew

And I knew something

I was alone.


I see the rain and it doesn't make me sad. My heart is a black hole and no one can save me from it.

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I like it

Goutmister:The world is such a cold place... how am i supposed to live on my own and become someone?

Neo: You have already become someone... someone with a heart colder than any one who you come across...just live your fullest and hate only those who oppose you..love who you can.

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