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Anyone seen this? It's actually pretty cool, it's based off of a book called The Count of Monty Cristo.

We were reading it in English II A, but I always slept through thinking it was boring, the anime seems like it's a lot better. <.<

It's adventure, drama, mystery, romance, and science fiction. It's a very nice little change from the action stuff like Samurai Champloo and FMA...But it does have some fight duel scenes.


While visiting the festival on Luna, Viscount Albert de Morcerf and Baron Franz d' Epinay make the acquaintance of the Count of Monte Cristo, a self-made nobleman. When they part, the Count promises to visit Albert in Paris. After he arrives, he insinuates himself into the most powerful families in France (the Morcerfs, the Danglars, and the Villeforts).

While Gankutsuou follows the main story of the "The Count of Monte Cristo," many of the side plots are discarded. In addition, the story is told starting from the time Albert and Franz meet the Count, leaving most of the exposition to be recounted in the "present time" of the series.


While the novel takes place during the 1800s, Gankutsuou is set in the far future, in the year 5053. Though it incorporates elements of science-fiction and fantasy, it also retains many asthetics of France in the 1800s, particularly in regard to social classes and wealth. In addition, the episodes begin with a summary spoken in French.

Gankutsuou was one of the first anime to take advantage of the potential of Photoshop textures and layering in digital animation. The backgrounds are frequently rendered in 3D, a stylistic trademark of Studio Gonzo.




It has a unique art style. <_<

...I'm on episode 11 right now. It's orgasmic!® ;o

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Austin Powers: "Orgasmic ! Ohhh behave Eva .... "

I've watched half the series and couldn't catch up to the end, so I don't know how the other half is, but so far it's excellent and a really worthy watch. Ofcourse if you've read the book or know the tale, you're in for less surprises, yet there're MANY surprises hehehe X'D .. great animation style, but I've seen it before.

I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

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