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Rules for Sig Image Requests

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1. Be as specific as possible. If you don't have any preference at all, that's fine, but if you do, make sure you say so right away. This goes for colors, images, placements, etc.

2. If you have images you want to be used, provide them. Don't make us hunt all over the internet for pictures that you might not like anyways. You don't have to physically post them here, but if you can provide links to the images, that'll work too.

3. Make sure you tell us what you want it to say. If you know how you want it to look, then say so. Otherwise, we'll just pick the font and color that would look best.

4. You must be an active member with at least 15 non-spam posts and have been here a week to request!! This isn't aimed at anyone, but we've had people take advantge of our sig-makers, and we'd like that to stop. We don't mind if you use the sigs here and elsewhere, but we're not making sig images just for other message boards.

Following these rules will make things A LOT eaiser, and you're more likely to get the image you want. One thing that annoys banner makers no end is spending a lot of time making an image, only to have the person they make it for say they don't like it b/c it doesn't look like what they wanted - even though they said they didn't care. If you do care, then all you have to do is say what you want, and everyone will be a lot happier! ^_^

Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints!


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