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The Ancient Clan

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I didnt know if I should post this in wonderland random or room 4. So I decided to post it here...

The Ancient Clan


The Screen names I chose to play each role doesn’t mean anything or any specific role I think someone as. Its simply your SN sounds like that role nothing more so enjoy.










Strider Hiryu




Gundamranger X





Princess tasha

Deathscythe X

Akira 13


Flying Monkey






600 years ago there was the greatest war ever fought. The war was so malevolent that in was fought between everyone in the world… When it seemed the most perilous a band emerged known as the ANCIENT CLAN. The Clan was a fierce force and swept through the land being lead by the mighty Sledgestone. Sledge and his men were swift in driving the forces of darkness out of the world. During an earth shattering battle with the dark lord Godgrave, Sledgestone ended up victorious at the cost of his power. He was drained completely of all power by sealing up Godgrave. The Ancient clans members took the slumbering body of Sledgestone and sealed it away. The location of his body was entrusted on one person, the wisest member of the Clan… Lady Dubird. To keep the world a safe place the clan dispersed each member going his or her separate ways to guard over a region. Now more than half a millennia later the Dark Lord Godgrave has re emerged and swallowed the world in darkness once again. Now without its hero and the Ancient Clan dispersed what will become of the world?

The Present

In the village Pavilion… a riot seems to have broken out in the center of the village.

“Yo! Dudeman! What’s going on? Why is there a riot? Come on tell me!” Kuwa came running out of his house towards his friend.

“I don’t know Kuwa, seems to be something with that old cook that lives on the outskirts of town…” Dudeman replied awaiting his friend.

“You mean old man Strider? What possibly could he be getting his self into? Especially with rumor of the X squad coming here. Dammit that old man has finally snapped!” Kuwa running past his friend towards the riot.

The Two ran towards the commotion, they saw two tall dark figures surrounding the old man. The two had a huge blood red X on each of there torso. They began to push the old man between them two as if playing catch. Then the more malevolent looking one looked out at the crowd.

“I am Deathscythe X! Chief warrior of Lord Godgrave, milord has sent me to show every village in the region the cruelty that comes with disobeying the will of Godgrave!! My first victim shall be this poor defenseless old man! Anyone oppose? Speak now and be killed as well!” The man burst out in a sadistically type of laughter.

He balled up his fist as it transformed into a long rapier, then the single blade as if defusing now became three blades. His associate grabbed a hold of the old man so he wouldn’t run away. Deathscythe X pushed his blade towards the man’s torso then a loud “STOP!!” was heard from the crowd. DX halted and looked as the crowd all backed away from the boy.

Kuwa was left standing alone with only Dudeman next to him who inched away while Kuwa wasn’t looking. DX chuckled as he walked over to the boy and lifted his head began to examine the “child’s” face.

“Who the hell do you think you are BOY?!” DX howled as spit flew from his mouth into the boys face.

“I-I- I am Kuwa…bara, a local in this town and a friend of Old man Strider… I don’t like what you two are doing one bit. Why don’t you two pick on someone your own size? Why pick on a defenseless old man? Don’t you guys have any sort of respect for you eld-“

DX slapped the boy to the ground. And kicked him into the air only to knock him back down.

“Listen Boy, your insolence will not be tolerated I will kill you now! Then the old man and anyone else who dares question us!”

DX raised the boy up with his normal hand and readies the bladed hand. He first begins to lightly cut Kuwa as blood begins to drip from the boys body DX howled another laughter. He then began to lightly impale the blades into the boy’s body and jerked it into the boy’s stomach. Avoiding any vital organs as the boy screamed of pain the blood from his stomach came out of his mouth. Dripping from his mouth the blood fell to his chin and down his neck.

The spectators stood there and watched him getting killed; Dudeman could not take this anymore. Picking up a rock Dudeman chucked it at DX, at the blink of an eye DX was in his face and transforming his other hand into a rapier. With Kuwa going along for the ride as his inside jerked from that fast movement was loosing more blood. He was about to impale Dudeman until the old man spoke up.

“Stop this nonsense sonny boy… You came after me now come get me…” The tall man behind him jerked him but then was sent soaring into the air. The old man shook violently as he shed his skin… Underneath was a young looking man about the age of 25. The man leaped into the air and landed near DX. Pulling out the boy from the man’s rapier he handed him to Dudeman.

“I am Strider… Strider Hiryu!!!”

The whole crowd gasped at what the man said. Whispered could be heard among the crowd. “The Strider Hiryu of the ancient clan?!?!”

Deathscythe X looked at the man and grinned.

“This shall be fun… I always wanted to fight someone in you caliber… If you indeed are the Great Strider Hiryu…”



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So Dx is a villan? ^_^;

When my letter reaches you, please don't break the seal
Just wait a little while, give it time to heal
And I belive you'll understand that this is my last and most loving request

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Yup he is and More is coming. here is a little preview of whats in stores next.

“Hmm, seems you are skeptic of my power… I will just have to show you that the Ancient Clan is not a clan to be dealt with skepticism!”

Strider dashed towards DX and leaped into the air spinning, Strider landed behind DX.

“Zaku, Zeong, Sazabi!” Striders hand glow an awesome red light.


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For the last time me and daymost are two different people :x .

Ya I am the wield one and dudeman is normal one:meh:

You put dudeman / daymost in it but not me? I refuse to read it -_-;

Hay why is so bad that me or dudeman to be in it:x

But it like it so far Kuwabara:bigthumb:

At lest your not daymost

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:happy: Thank you everyone here is the continuation of it. Godgrave as a Villain X'D. Azreal you are also a Villain X'D.

“Hmm, seems you are skeptic of my power… I will just have to show you that the Ancient Clan is not a clan to be dealt with skepticism!”

Strider dashed towards DX and leaped into the air spinning, Strider landed behind DX.

“Zaku, Zeong, Sazabi!” Striders hand glow an awesome red light. Many of the spectators shielded their eyes from the blinding light. DX felt an immense heat growing from his back then in a flash the light engulfed him. Seconds later DX was fired into the air flying several yards before crashing down into the ground. A small crater could be seen as the smoked cleared. Getting up then dusting his self off DX smiled a bit spitting out a wad of blood.

“Seems you have some tricks up your sleeve after all Strider.” As if a blur DX was right in front of Strider. Using the tri rapier he began an onslaught of attacks as strider defended the other arm came and slashed strider across the upper torso. The blood spewed on DX who seems to glow with delight, leaping backwards DX kicked dirt into the wound. Strider grimacing from the pain closed his eyes for a brief second he would soon regret. Using his unnatural speed DX was again in front of Strider and impaled him with his Rapier hands.

“Phase-Shift!” whispered Strider as the blades went into his body then nothing. They did nothing else to the Man. Putting his hands around the blades Strider pulled them out without feeling the slightest pain. As this happened DX’s companion held his hands together, transforming it into a huge cannon. The Cannon fired at the back of Strider it wasn’t a regular shot it was a concentrated spirit shot.

“How soon do you guys forget me…? The second man the lackey the nobody as I am often called. But you fail to see I am greater than all of you can Imagine, I am Gundam Ranger X and I will not be taken lightly!”

Strider began to get up slowly only to be kicked by DX in his wound. GRX fired another cannon shot at the fallen warrior followed by a flurry of kicks by DX.

“Co…me on… help… h-h-h-him.” Kuwa was saying with the little energy he had left. The crowd began to feel obliged as they rushed DX and GRX. Dudeman walked in the middle of this and dragged Strider out of it. Putting Striders arm around his neck and both of them carry Kuwa they made haste.

As the trio limped away from the scene a huge scream of several people could be heard. GRX fired his cannon into the masses while DX quickly beheaded the lot of them. After about one minute DX and GRX were the only two breathing in that whole Village the trio managed to slip out just in time.

“Ranger what say you a toast?” DX lifted one of the decapitated heads and gave it to GRX while he picked up another for his self. “Whatever you say, though I don’t think this is hygienic.” Replied GRX the two hit the heads together. DX took his head and turned it over upon his own head as the blood fell onto him, GRX did the same thing then an in instant they were off.

The trio was making their way towards the next village. Dudeman was getting tired he was practically carrying them both. He looked for shelter and found it near a huge boulder.

“Kuwa, Strider we will be spending the night here can you to last?” Dudeman asked his companions.

“Y-y-yeah sur…e I ca…n” Kuwa then closed his eyes and was now in a state of slumber.

“I am fine, by dawn my body and injuries should be healed. All I need is rest, when I am well I will be able to heal your friend. For now I will rest and regain my strength it’d be wise for you to watch our bodies. So just stay up the night and tomorrow morning I will rejuvenate you, but for now I rest.” Strider laid his back against the bolder and was fast asleep.

Dudeman took to his role and watched their bodies for the night as they rested.


“Lord Godgrave, It seems DX and GRX have totaled the village you sent them to. It seems they met someone from the Ancient Clan.”

Godgrave looked at the man with his glowing red eyes. “Bring them here! GRX and DX!” Godgrave said nothing more and awaited. He isn’t the type that likes to talk a lot. He believes that people don’t deserve the grace of hearing him talk for to long.

Deathscythe X and Gundam Ranger X walked in bowing to Godgrave. GG looked at the two in a manner that said Explain yourselves without him having to say a word.

“Well Sire, I guess by now you have heard the rumor of us running into Strider Hiryu of the Ancient Clan. Sir all statistics and scientifically correct answers point to him being dead. I personally with my Cannon leveled the entire city, with the wounds that Deathscythe gave him there is no way he could’ve escaped in time.” Gundam Ranger X told his Master with a slight worried tone in his voice.

“So you have no sufficient proof of his death.” Flames could be seen coming from Godgrave’s Eyes.

“Lord Godgrave! We may not have killed him now but the next encounter with him will end him. I swear! I will bring you his head no need to loose your cool sire.” Deathscythe said this looking at Godgrave’s angry eyes.

DX turned his back and left the room followed by GRX.

“Seems Deathscythe has an arrogance problem… I might have to correct him...” Godgrave whispered to himself.

Outside of GG’s chambers the two X brethren walked together.

“Ranger Lord Godgrave and his Idiocy are beginning to get on my last nerves. I might have to kill him; I can no longer bare it…” DX said sternly to his companion.

“Deathscythe surely you know that we are no where near Lord Godgrave in power. I mean we could probably cause a devastating blow to his forces but him himself we re not match. Wipe such silly thoughts from you mind before you end up getting us killed.” GRX replied to his friend.

“Whatever you say, but soon if all goes according to plan and Master Eppy of the Belkin Woodlands deliver‘s we shall be the ones giving out orders.” DX replied before using his incredible speed to zoom out of there.

“…” GRX said nothing and followed with his speed.


Dudeman’s head began to lower as he could feel himself slipping into the cold grips of Dream world. His head fell forward and closing his eyes he was out.

“At least you lasted ‘till morning. I commend you for that but no time for resting now.” Strider awoke feeling greatly restored. He mumbled something over Dudeman’s head who seemed to get up as though he had been sleeping for hours.

“So what about him, sir can you heal him?” Dudeman pointed towards his friend who is lying on the ground. The blood dried up on the boy skin and clothing, though the wound still looked fresh along with the other scratches.

“Don’t worry I will handle it, I haven’t done this kind of heeling in about 600 years. But its worth a crack. Lah-Lah Sune grant me your strength! Mend this mans skin heal his wounds!”

Purple lights swarmed around the mages hands it was as if the world itself began to bend to his will. Kuwa’s body levitated now with the purple light around him. The blood vanished as his wounds began to close up. In one final eye blinding light Kuwa was standing on his two feet.

“Thank you, Strider what should we do now? Our home-village is…” Kuwa fell to his knees as tears rolled from his eyes. The tears rolled down his cheeks slowly then an on pour of tears came from his eyes. “Mo...MOTHER!! FATHER!!! Brother!!! No, NO!!! my family is is is DEAD!!!” Kuwa got up.

He began walking in the direction of the Village. Dudeman who’s family died long ago felt no emotional attachment to the Village. He ran in front of his friend.

“Kuwa, they are dead what can you do about it? Going back you can get killed. The only thing to do is avenge them, kill the X squad I’ll help you…” Dudeman said trying to soothe his friend.

“He is right child, nothing more can be done stop this childish behavior we need to head to the Belkin Woodlands. I know someone there who can help us. She is also a member of the Clan. So Kuwa are you in or out?” Strider began to walk away from the two.

“I will go with you two, to avenge my family…” Kuwa followed Strider, as Dudeman ran after him. The trio began their trek…

In about a day’s walk or two they were nearing the forest. They were tired it was evident if you looked at the posture of the two boys and looking closely at Strider you could see sweat. They found shade under a tree near the forest were they sat.

A Buzz could be heard coming from the forest. First it was faint then it got louder, and louder looking up Dudeman almost freaked at what he saw…



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