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Masters of The Universe: Revelation

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This trailer looked so bad ass... and then the show was a hot pile of garbage. I know origin stories have been done to death for alot of Marvel and DC properties. Everyone knows Batman and Superman's origins, but for older properties I expect some sort of backstory or origin of some kind. When Netflix rebooted Voltron it was amazingly well done. There was a full back story for all the characters that was new and refreshing, the galaxy and science was explained well, alien planets were explored and all sentient life forms had planets they came from, alien galactic powers explained, space travel, the impact of the alien invasion on Earth and in the end the scale of the universe and Voltron saving all of existence was amazing. They took an old 80s cartoon meant for selling toys into the an epic story....

And then we get He-Man. I was expecting that same level of quality. Instead we get the same cheesy cartoon from the 80s with updated animation, a couple dumb plot twists and a show that focuses entirely on the results of He-Man getting his ass kicked. And there is no back story or origins or any kind of information about these characters at all. Its a 40 year old cartoon that never had the same popularity as Batman or Superman, entire generations have never even seen a single episode of the old He-Man, and this show assumes you've seen it all and don't need any kind of refresher. This series should have been a full on reboot, but instead its 5 episodes of wasted time. Castle Grayskull could have looked epic, but they literally left its design looking just like the old cartoon... and then said it's look was all an illusion anyway because its this crystal looking palace or some crap. wtf. Theres an orb in the castle that powers all magic in the universe and must be defended at all costs, but there is no garrison stationed there, only 1 sorceress. wtf. There is advanced technology, but everyone wears loin cloths.. there are aliens living on the planet, but its never referenced if they all came from other planets to visit the main planet at the center of the universe or if everyone is just living there. And somehow a mostly naked guy with a sword can be "master of the universe" because he has a power sword, but compared to other properties like Star Trek or Star Wars or even Voltron, any of the major powers from those properties could just one shot He-Man from space like he was a flea. XD and they try to say that one sword ensures that the entire universe stays alive. Ok.

And He-Man is barely in these 5 episodes. Here is 1 sentence explaining why:


Aside from a few flashbacks He-Man is only in the show for the first and last episodes and he gets killed in both episodes. What a loser. -_-;

And because of that, the entire 5 episodes focuses on Teela is the focal point of the entire series. And after episode 1 she immediately gets a butch hair cut and is traveling around everywhere with her "partner". They never did any woke lesbian love crap and didn't imply they were a couple.

And holy crap that magical girl transformation scene. XDXDXD Omg that was so bad. XD

One thing this show had going for it was the voice actors. Top quality voices from alot of celebrities. Although if I closed my eyes Mark Hamill sounded a bit more like the Joker instead of Skeletor but Mark Hamill has done that evil Joker voice for so many years its easy to identify him now.


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