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Genshin Impact

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This is worth the download. Its free and the world is pretty big. Combat is pretty simple. You attack with O. you can hold down O for a charged attack or a delayed heavy attack depending on the character. You evade with R1, perform an elemental attack with R2, and a big elemental attack with triangle when the meter is full. Combat is very Zelda-esque. Since its a Chinese game they took quite a bit from Zelda and GW2 from what I can tell, along with other MMOs i've never played. You have cooking, chain element attack modifiers. There are multiple close together WPs you unlock by touching throughout the world. The stamina meter is kinda a let down when it's attacked to sprint, but its generous for climbing and gliding.

There is a gacha for extra characters. The game gives you plenty of free ones. Of course there is a cash shop to buy currency to roll the gacha, but the game does give you currency at a slow rate to roll... in fact I've had 3 10 pulls for free so far just playing the game. For a mobile game port to console the graphics are pretty damn good. There are some framerate issues at times. But it is a free game and a polished game in general for being free.



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