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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

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It's crazy how we've been conditioned to think a tax return is just some type of bonus or free money. Instead of, you know, your money they government took too much of all year. With the tax cuts last year my return was a little smaller. I'd take no return and more money each week any day. People can always save their own money instead of relying on the government to take it and possibly give back some. ūüôĄ

The tax code needs to change and be simplified to where the government takes exactly what's needed and do away with tax filing altogether. You get a statement at the end of the year, thats it.


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this is getting ridiculous. first they try to blame that dollar bills are spreading covid but now with coin shortages. at grocery stores self checkout lanes dont accept money anymore, and cashiers put up signs that either exact change only or use bank cards only. and mandatory mask order is suppose to end next week, but i dont know what ill do if it gets extended again. like last week one of customers had threatened to report me for not enforcing all customers to wear masks in the store but i told him that stores have signs up at front windows and doors, its no longer my responsibility to babysit everyone. and then i told him to go ahead and call them and gave him stores number and address. he called and waited 30 mins until he got tired and left XD he came back in like 3 times to buy cigarettes and drinks bc he had nothing to do while waiting. dont underestimate the incompetent work of houston police, buddy. they rank way up in one of slowest responding enforcements in the whole state lol. they never showed up XD


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