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Starcraft Ghost game play leaks years after its cancelled.

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Dunno how long it will be up since most everything has already been taken down. The character model looks almost current gen while everything else looks Half-Life 2. This has to be super early as the mecahnics are pretty rough and dated.... and either the controls are still really wonky or the person playing it is absolutely awful at such a simple 3rd person shooter. If this is as far as it ever got I can sorta see why they may have cancelled it without giving the studio a chance to fine tune it.

Found one more... LMAO the character animations are good in some aspects and rough in others. the way she climbs a ladder is hilarious to me. XD


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Yeah, that person in the first clip must not have known how to play a 3rd person shooter, or the controls were really bad in that build. But that second clip looks like a solid game. This is much better than I thought it was going to be. I'm surprised they canceled this. O_O


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