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Vikings Final Season

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I just caught up after getting 3 weeks behind. Now that I'm wiping my eyes dry. The best character of this series is gone. Kinda F'ed up how they did it, but she was already dying from an epic fight. Hvitserk got his addictive nature from Ragnar clearly but now he'll freak out more that he's taken the one thing Ivar wants, that is if Bjorn doesn't find out what hes done first. What a masterful acting by Bjorn by the way, the monologue was excellent. I can't even get into King Harald and Ivar parts which are equally interesting. I've been kinda cruising through this season with half interest since it started out slow, but its coming together midway through. The last 2 weeks have been pretty good. Since netflix is going to do a spinoff I wonder if its going to be based on Erik the Red who I assume just debuted.


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Oh my god that funeral was so f*cking sad. 😭 I just watched it and got tears in my eyes. When a show can get a reaction from the audience like that then it was amazing. The funeral was exceptionally well done.

I hated Ivar and wanted to see him dead. I couldn't think of anything that would make me interested in him except his demise, but using him to introduce new characters has been very interesting.


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