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The Witcher - Netflix

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I watched this over the weekend and I didn't know what to expect going into this since I still haven't played any of the games. It was a great series though. Alot of fantasy, action, some monsters. It was all enjoyable. The only thing that threw me off initially is the storytelling. Its all over the place at first with time lines, jumping forward and back like Lost.. until I realized everytime the show focused on a specific character its their specific timeline they are referencing. As the show goes back and forth some events are repeated except in the perspective of a different character leading up to the end of season 1 where all the character's stories converge. Season 2 shouldn't be as convoluted and should be more straight forward. Overall its basically every character's origin story all told simultaneously. And it worked well because of how the different characters overlap with each other's stories at different points in time. I thought it was extremely well done.


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