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Dark Phoenix

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This movie sucked. The costumes were supposed to be a throwback to the original X-Men costumes from the comic.. maybe as some way to try to reference back to the beginning of the franchise at the end. Most good movies or books generally reference the beginning at the end some how for closure, but the costumes looked like cheap crap especially since they showed the correct good costumes at the very end of the Apocalypse movie. Aside from that the acting wasn't good, the CG is some parts looks noticeably cheap and the plot was once again absolutely nothing like the Dark Phoenix plot from the comics. But there were some aliens... but they left their ships somewhere out in the woods and we never got to see them.. I'm glad Fox is done with this. They should have let Apocalypse be the last movie. Marvel will do a far better job with this franchise.


Jean Grey was blah. I felt nothing for her. And wtf.. Nightcrawler got so pissed at the aliens he went on a murder spree.. wtf. I remember him being a monk in the comics and cherishing all life.. and here he is murdering the shit out of these guys. Talk about character assassination.



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