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Myk JL

Stuber is a 1 Star movie

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I went into this movie half blind only to realize that this movie would've been better off as a PG-13 romcom. Especially if they had replaced Uber with OK Cupid. They could've called it OK Stupid. A name it could've easily lived up to. Sorry if these puns are more painful than Lasik Surgery.

This is how I would rank the movies I've seen for this year so far.

  1. Hellboy (2019) - Sorry, not sorry that this is my favorite movie of 2019.
  2. John Wick Chapter 3 - My One Big Gripe prevents it from being Number One.
  3. Anna - There are better Female Spy Movies I haven't seen.
  4. Shaft (2019) - I guess if it weren't for the violence this movie would easily be mistaken for SNL skits.
  5. Stuber - Too cliché.

Those who fight deplorables should see to it that they themselves do not become deplorables.

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