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Star Trek: Picard

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I haven't watched this yet but I've seen what happens mostly at the end. I'll get around to it one day but I will say the special effects look pretty bottom tier from what I've seen. Blue screen bridges and CGI ships will never compare to models and real sets. There comes a time where flashy lights everywhere, is just too much and even in the most distant future its non-functional.

I'll always prefer TOS movie bridges as they looked the most mechanical while being futuristic. They still hold up to this day. TOS series and TNG series sets were products of their time. TOS heavy red theme def clashes with modern times... but so does the Enterprise D's 90's minivan interior beige.


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I watched the entire season a month ago but forgot to update this topic. It was good. A direct sequel to TNG. The CGI for the ships was ok but not as good as a full on physical set, but I guess they were going for that more futuristic feel, but overall the CGI was actually really good for the entire season. The acting was great and I love that they brought Seven of Nine back and a few others I won't spoil in case they weren't in trailers. But man, Patrick Stewart is so old now. lol. Its like he didn't age at all for years and then Picard came out and he abruptly became an old man to me. XD There were many scenes I kept thinking.. Oh no Picard, don't break a hip! XD It was a good season but the ending was a bit whacky. The highlight of the season was all the Borg and Romulan story.

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