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Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

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Eh, I dunno about this one. Her outfit is too much like Captain America, they should have stuck with the other colors when she first gets her powers in the trailer... its almost like Green Lantern turning into Red, White, and Blue lantern. The trailer just isn't doing it for me... its got that whole Spiderman 3 let down vibe. Or its possible I'm just burnt out on Marvel movies. I pretty much only watch Avengers now. I haven't bothered to watch any of the Thor, Spider-Man, or Ant-Man movies.


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Captain Marvel was an enjoyable movie. Brie Larson makes a good superhero, but the movie felt like it limited her character a bit because of the partial amnesia. Seems like Marvel was held back with her persona because for the majority of the movie she doesn't actually know who she actually is or have access to her entire memories prior to becoming a Kree soldier. This isn't really a spoiler because its shown in the first 5 minutes of the movie that she has the amnesia issue. And her character had little screen time in Endgame so its hard to see how Captain Marvel has progressed since then. I'd like to see a sequel. The biggest flaw tho is her powers. Holy crap she is OP. By the end of the movie she doesn't seem to have any weakness or even fatigue. In the old X-Men cartoons, Rogue actually absorbed the majority of Captain Marvel's powers. I'm wondering if they set her up to be this OP because they'll get the X-men in and maybe have old school Rogue show up and siphon some of that power away without completely crippling Marvel into a coma in the process.

I do like the reveal of how Fury lost his eye tho. XD

I saw so many negative reviews bombs for this movie because of some comments Brie said. lol. People get butt hurt over every comment anyone makes anymore.

Also, its fun watching Kong Skull Island now and seeing the actors/actress that play Loki, Fury and Captain Marvel all in another movie together.


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