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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

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The movie was a blast. It was a direct call back to the Showa era. The story wasn't as serious as the last film, and you could say it wasn't as good. It was just filler for the battles. You really don't care about any of the human characters. Lets be honest here, as kids we didn't give two shits about the human characters. XD The best part about the human aspect is there was no constant forced comedy that plagues the industry these days. There was some subtle humor, and overall it didn't take itself too seriously.

If you're a huge Godzilla fan, you're aware of the classic story flow each of the protagonist Godzilla films worked, and this followed the same structure. They don't make you wait long until the throw downs start happening. The best part of it all was just busting out a triumphant high definition audio version of the classic Toho theme. Simply outstanding. Plenty of fan service going on with the Kaiju fights. This monsterverse must continue. I want Mecha Godzilla! While the first film was more grounded in a realistic "what if" situation, this film delved more into the Sci-Fi aspect with some crazy technological advances. The bridge to get more wild is there.

There is a post credits so stay for it.


Dare I say Mecha Ghidorah is in the works down the road? I was dissapointed with the other "Titans" A woolly mammoth and a another Muto?" Meh, where was Anguirus dammit?! That's what I wanted to see.

The ultimate tribute



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This movie was so much fun. Finally a godzilla movie that focused on monster battles. :D I'm wondering what they're going to do with a sequel.. Years ago the Legendary/WB rebooted the MonsterVerse and was going to tie a bunch of movies together like Avengers did. It included franchises like Dracula, Mummy, Godzilla, King Kong, etc. but the only tie in we see is King Kong getting referenced in this Godzilla movie. Supposedly the next movie coming out will be Godzilla vs Kong. Now I mention the other movies because I don't know if it was intentional or not, but that old white guy with the private army in Godzilla was the same actor that played the evil vampire in the Dracula movie.. and at the end of that Dracula movie it skipped to present day and showed that guy and Dracula still alive. Maybe it was just a coincidence and they like that actor? Or maybe he was playing his vampire character but they didn't reference him as such. It would explain how this random guy has his own personal army, why he's in a position of power.. why he doesn't care if a bulk of the human race is wiped out or not because hes immortal. Although it would have been very odd for everyone who didn't see the Dracula movie to have this guy referenced as a vampire in this Godzilla movie. I bet it would have made no sense to alot of people. XD


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