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Wow that Contra game looks horrible. Gun overheating is the worst feature they could have come up with. The game itself looks like complete crap, but they made it far worse with that overheating mechanic.

WTF... Nintendo... $4.99 a month? With all the other microtransactions, I could see a $4.99 one time fee for the 200 cc mode.. but monthly? Damn thats greedy. Aside from the apple and google play games Jim mentioned, a person could also just buy a $1 a week minimum humble bundle or fanatical bundle and get significantly more for their money, entire multiple full games for $5 a month.


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Here is The Ekans episode.

And here is a video of most Pokémon that should never been cut.

My partner would've been Lopunny because Lopunny has 140 in Base Friendship. Would've been as I rather look at Adult Fan Art than play a child friendly game.

And IF I could've chosen who had to be cut it would've been

  1. Unbreedable
  2. Sexless "Genderless"
  3. Male Only or Female Only
  4. Consisting Of Multiple Bodies body style
  5. Consisting Of Only A Head body style
  6. Consisting Of Only A Head And A Base body style
  7. Consisting Of Only A Head And Arms body style
  8. Any Pokémon tied to the above.

Gotta Breed 'Em All....

Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

Universal Broadband?

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