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youtube is king..youtube is knowledge.

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I've been drinking bud light platinum off and on for years and I actually bought some a week ago and didn't see any panties anywhere and they only had 2 cases left. XD I never saw the commercial and didn't even know about it being a controversy until I heard people start complaining about it online. XD I don't do many conspiracy theories but I joked with my brother the other day that it could have been intentional. Imagine if they had a contaminated batch and had to do a massive recall of regular bud light, the amount of money it would have costed them would be just as bad as this ad campaign was. Instead of a recall they make everyone literally go out to the store to buy it just to dump it down the drain for them while making a youtube video. They can write off the entire batch as a loss and negative publicity is still publicity and still better than hearing "bud light has asbestos!". XD


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