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Epic Rap Battles in History Christmas Edition!

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    • By Sledgstone
      At least we're getting something for our troubles.
    • By Sledgstone
      How was everyone's holiday? Did you get any good presents in real life and / or in game?
      The highlight for me with physical gifts is my new Roku HD streaming stick. This thing is pretty cool. With the Time Warner app on it, its like I have an extra cable box without the monthly fee. It gets Time Warner on demand and live channels including all the higher tier ones like History 2, etc. I can't find the local channels tho unfortunately. I might have to keep this crappy little HD converter $1 a month box from Time Warner just for those channels. The Netflix app works great on the Roku too. The only thing that caught me off guard is that I noticed the Roku broadcasts it's own wifi signal.. wtf. Its passworded off but still, it seems odd to have that broadcasting. I haven't tested the phone app part of it yet, but overall the Roku is pretty damn nice.
      In game.. I got a new Wintersday tree in GW2 and I'm trying to play the stock market / trading post.. I now have 6 mini ho-ho trons in my in game bank and I've already lost 15 gold in my investment because they keep getting cheaper. Hopefullly the prices sky rocket in the summer. Same with these 3 red wintersday gifts I'm saving too.. If not for my investment plans I could be close to 200 gold by now. I might buy that artic outfit too. The more I look at it in the gem store, the more I think it'll look good on my charr with the hood off. lol.
      I know steam's holiday sale is going on, but it feels like I've already purchased every game I've been wanting over the past couple years already, so I haven't felt the desire to buy anything else from them at this point.
      I also got Dragon Age Inquisition, Shadows of Mordor and Walking Dead Season 2 all for PS4 during the black friday sales. I thought $20 for Walking Dead 2 was good at the time because I've never seen PSN do any kind of steam sale price matching.. and then I see PSN is running a flash sale.. both Walking Dead games for $6.25 a piece on PS4. I went ahead and bought both digitially. I'll be trading in my physical copy of WD2 to walmart for $13. I'll be out $7 but at least I'll have digital copies of both games now.
    • By DeathscytheX
      Alexander the Great: You seem pretty chill, is there anything you want from me?
      Diogenes: Just Step out of my sunlight
      Alexander the Great: Badass, man.

      Its pretty old, but I see its been updated since last I saw it. Funny stuff.
    • By Pchan
      Happy Birthday mate!
      What PRESENTS didja get?!
      What plans? 
      Is there going to be CAAAAAAAAAAAKE?

    • By DeathscytheX

      Wow, what a scumbag.
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