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Game bundles.... so many game bundles...

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As many of you know there are a variety of game bundles out there.. most of them available for steam. Some of these bundles are good for making new indie games known or for getting some quality games for dirt cheap. At first, many of the bundles were great.. $1 and you can get 8 games. Now many of them require a minimum purchase price to get the games while others are still set so you can the majority of the games for $1 and then pay a minimum average to unlock the rest of the games. The following links are the websites I check for these bundles.

First off, this is the main website I check on occasion for info on new game bundles or reviews of games included in those bundles:


And here are the bundle sites that I know of:


($1 minimum for the main set of games, pay more than average purchase for the rest of the games)


($1 minimum for the main set of games, pay more than average purchase for the rest of the games) - I bought their current bundle because of the Worms games!


(minimum purchase listed)


(currently no sale, but check out their previous ones: http://groupees.com/archive)

Many of these bundles were really good when they first started.. pretty much everything was $1 for 8 games. Now that they've been doing these for a year+ now there are minimum purchase prices and some less desirable bundles of lower quality games.

Have any of you purchased any bundles from these sites before? And also, if you know of any more bundle sites, please share the link.


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I've never purchased a bundle, but I do know that thanks to the trend that Money Whore Call of Duty set, every blockbuster game has a Season Pass/Limited Edition/Elite/Premium that wants you to pay $30-50 more to get all the DLC early and at a discounted rate. Most of the time you only save $10, Borderlands 2 you actually save half the price of all the DLC that is planned for it.


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Well, I don't mind the entire game bundles for $1. But the trend of having so many dlcs that they have to be bundled is pretty damn ridiculous. Or the fact that the amount of money it would cost for all the dlc for a game is the same price of the game or even more is pretty bullshit when the games cost $60.

I did notice that a game I'm going to buy "Worms Revolution" is coming out for $15. And of course even they have a season pass for 4 dlcs for $15. Normally tho, I would think a game like worms would probably cost $20 new.. so its not too bad that it would cost $30 total because of the lower price of the initial game. But paying $100+ for games with dlc is a trend I don't like in the slightest. I payed for it for Battlefield 3, but thats only because I play the hell out of that particular game with over 160 hours of gameplay already.. With the price of dlcs now I'm more interested in putting my money and gameplay into only a few games and then waiting a year or so for game of the year editions at a hugely discounted rate.


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