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What did you guys think about the opening ceremony? I thought it was a bit lackluster. I know they wouldn't come close to topping the China opening from the last olympics, but it seemed pretty slow paced. I thought it was hilarious that Prodigy had a brief moment in it with Firestarter. X'D

Anyone using the Live Extra app? Its annoying that you have to login with your cable provider to use it.. and its more annoying that it loads a video ad before you can live stream something.. and its downright aggravating that I could only get one event to live stream because once I try to view another it fails to load the next ad, which then fails to load the live stream, and after I try again, I have to force close the app because it has a heart attack. The app is a good idea, but it is horribly executed as far as I'm concerned. And apparently it doesn't even work on the latest version of droid ics.


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    • By Sledgstone
      Ever since I found my first android easter egg by clicking repeatedly on my android version number on my first smart phone (I thought that was how you checked for updates at the time. Lol.), every time I get a new phone or new version of Android installed I check that same easter egg location. I found out today that easter egg now loads a flappy bird clone game with the Droid and marshmallows. it's fun for about 2 minutes.

      Here's a link showing where to click at if you haven't seen it before.
    • By Sledgstone
      I've been watching Jay Leno this entire week and aside from Headlines, hes really not that impressive on his own compared to the previous month or two just before the writer's strike. His monologue has taken a hit and the first part of the show before he brings a guest in is boring now. As for Conan, he already sucked to begin with so now hes even worse. x_x I really can't imagine him taking over for Leno in the near future.
    • By Sledgstone
      I don't think I'll be getting this one. The best game in this bundle is Worms Reloaded and I already own it. For $6 the bundle is worth the price, but if you want just Worms, wait for the next steam sale for it. I've seen it as cheap as $6.50 for the game of the year edition.
    • By Sledgstone
      This phone will always be listening.. As if people weren't concerned before about the Kinect watching and listening to you.. now your smartphone will listen in on everything as it waits to hear its voice commands. I would only like this feature if I had the option to turn it off.

      Thats a nice feature.. shake the camera to enable camera and then take a quick pic.. at least until you start jogging.. then your phone will be taking a bunch of pictures of the inside of your pants.
      Heres a couple articles about it:
      In my opinion, I would never buy this phone. Mostly because it is a Motorola.. and this is why I would never buy a Motorola:
      So what do you guys think? Decent phone? Great new features? Iphone Siri ripoff?
    • By Sledgstone
      The Trailer doesn't show much of anything except for the title of the game. I liked Firefly and the movie Serenity.. I'm not certain I'll care for a smartphone game though. I doubt it will ever get as popular as Angry Birds, but it could still be fun if its done right.
      Source: https://www.keepflying.com/
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