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Star Trek 2... KHAAAAAAANNN!??

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Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars as Conan Doyle’s supersleuth in the BBC’s highly original series Sherlock, has signed on to play the major villain in J.J. Abram’s second Star Trek film. Many observers feel that it is Cumberbatch (and the writers of the cleverly updated Sherlock TV series) who have produced the most interesting and inspired contemporary version of Holmes, not Robert Downey, Jr. and Guy Ritchie in their series of expensive and popular films.

Benicio Del Toro has previously turned the role of the chief baddie in the new Trek film (see “Del Toro in Star Trek 2”), a part that Edgar Ramirez reportedly auditioned for—and the fact that both of those actors have Hispanic backgrounds led many observers to speculate that the role in question was that of Khan, who was notably interpreted by the late Ricardo Montalban in The Wrath of Khan, long recognized as a bit of cinematic gold among the celluloid dross that is the Star Trek movie franchise. Cumberbatch may not have the Hispanic genes, but he is clearly able to project the intellectual hauteur of the supervillain Khan.

Deadline first posted the news that Cumberbatch was attached to the new Trek film, while Variety reported that he was taking the role of chief villain, and that another British TV favorite, Noel Clarke (Doctor Who) was also set to join the cast of the new Star Trek film, which will be Abrams’ second Trek film and the franchise’s 12th overall. Clarke and Cumberbatch join other franchise newcomers Peter Weller (see “Peter Weller in Star Trek Sequel”) and the gorgeous Alice Eve (see “Alice Eve in Star Trek 2”) in Abrams’ Star Trek 2 (as it is now known), which is currently slated to debut on May 17th, 2013.

I think it would be awesome to see Khan again... only if Kirk shouts his name tho. X'D


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Interesting. Another previous rumor I heard was that the villain might be Q... and he was gonna deal with the time screw up that Nero caused. I'd honestly like to see Kirk interact with Q. I don't think Chris Pine can pull off a good bellowing KHAAAAAAN! X'D


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