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New job New life

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This isnt really an issue just a rave and a little update.:hi:

I finally found a job caregiving which gets me back in the medical field so im grateful for that. School is going well and Im passing all my classes even tho my personal life fell apart. Im not at all sad to be honest about the divorce (yes my husband and I are finally splitting) but it brings me so much relief. Im not asking for alimony but we did agree to split out son's time equal so nobody has to pay child support. Now this will be hard for me because I work overnights full time and I go to school mid day but we will work it out. Im so gratful to be sober. I finally can function like a normal person and not just passing my classes but getting As and Bs. Im glad to finally have positive things to post now and so glad to be out of the dark shadow of a bad marriage. I have found someone new in my life who loves my kids and loves me and has shown me nothing but respect and love for the past 6 months. Im taking things slow but I havnt been this in love since I met my daughter's dad 10 years ago so Im happy to know that even after a divorce I am still capable of loving someone and that someone is capable of loving me AND BOTH my kids. :)

P.S. and the best part is I can finally walk down the street and check out a hot guy or a hot girl and not get bitched at for it. Instead he thinks its cute and we are so NOT jealous of each other. I don't mind him checking out girls cuz usually im checking them out too! LOL LOVE IT!!!!

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