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Humble Indie Bundle

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6 games for 'whatever you want', only 23 hours left. -- I highly recommend getting this as Aquaria alone is worth the effort.






Apparently there isn't a trailer for Samorost 2 -- but If you've played or seen Machinarium, its made by the same people.

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apparently 25% of people got these pirated the games

which is totally disgusting considering there for charity


Last week, a pack went on sale that let you name your own price for five great indie games, all in the name of charity. Know what a ton of people then went and did? Pirated the thing. Wonderful.

To recap, this was a pack that let you pay what you want. With all proceeds going to charity. So you could pay $1 and get five of the best indie games going around, and donate to a good cause, all at the same time. $1!

Even that was too much for many, though, with publishers Wolfire - whose David Rosen penned a great piece on the matter last week - estimating that at least 25% of users got the games for free. And that's a conservative estimate, since it includes only those who scammed the games off a forum or website, and not off BitTorrent sites.

Some days, you're reminded how awful people can really be. Today is one of those days.

Saving a penny — pirating the Humble Indie Bundle [Wolfire]


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I figured they would probably be pirated considering when I downloaded them they have no copyright protection and they were already in a selfextracting .exe or .rar file. All anyone would have to do is upload it. Its a shame to. They were doing something good for a charity. I'll tell you what tho, maybe the publicity they got from this will offset the free downloaders.


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