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Yu Gi Oh GX and 5D

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Just watched GX 1-150 cant find the last 30 episodes, but it kinda got too stupid for words with monsters being real and all

5d seems interesting, but i just don't see the point in the bikes at all

what annoys me about the shows is it just doesnt fit, i could under stand if the cards were like pokemon or digimon, but there ment to be simple holograms

so why is the world fixated on them? and why do people act like they take battle damage

If the point was that the cards were indeed magical and actually effected the real world constantly, then it would settle better.

that aside anyone else watch the show.

ALso what grates me is the shitty monster cards they use, seriously i dont use a level 4 monster with less then 1700 attack unless it has a decent effect which would oblitirate most of Jadens monsters

the reason i decided to watch the show is I played YuGiOh world tournament 2009/ 2010 on the DS and really liked them and now yu gi oh decade duels has been anounced for the 360 live, so i plan on getting it, as it will be cool to duel real ppl with out hacked decks like the DS version.

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I watched alot of of yugioh gx and 5D and I was highly disappointed. GX got stupid after a while considering it was focused in a school specifically for teaching duel monsters. Good thing they don't need people to work actual jobs anymore considering duel monsters has gotten so damn complicated it has to be taught in a college.

And 5D made no sense to me from the beginning. Speed counters were stupid. They were riding on bikes while playing a complicated ass game. Most people can't use a cellphone while driving and pay enough attention, but these guys can play a card game while driving on alway apparently endless tracks. If it were me, I'd set up my bike to have mad max weapons and kill the shit out of the guy while he's reading his helmet display thats explaining the complicated ass special rules involved with the extra rare card I just played. X'D

*jumps on my speeder yuguioh bike, plays kuriboh and watches him fly around next to me going 90+mph* :P


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