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League of Legends

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So, I went to PAX prime last year and I found out about this little gem called League of Legends. It's a free-to-play Moba (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. As of a couple months ago it left Beta stages and is open to the public.

The gameplay is similar to the popular warcraft 3 'DoTA' maps, Where you choose a Hero (Or Champion) and you and a few other people attempt to kill the enemy teams home base (Or Nexus). The Trick is that there are several paths/lanes that are direct access to the enemy base, but they protected by powerful defense towers. As a team you have to coordinate attacks on these towers so that you can push into the enemy base and ultimately win the game.

When you register your account you'll pick a summoner name. This is your between game Identity and as you play games you will earn experience and levels. As you level you'll gain access to a Mastery tree very familiar to WoW's Talent system and open up slots on a 'rune page'. Runes are an item you can purchase through the games Item-mall type store that give very minor in-game stat bonuses.

Before everyone freaks out about the item-mall business; Runes can only be unlocked with Influence points. Influence Points (IP) is your Summoner currency that you can only gain after playing games. IP can also be spent to unlock champions for playing.

There are currently about 50 champions available to play and new ones are released biweekly. For new players there is a free-champion rotation that makes 10 random champions available each week. This also allows players to test a champion before deciding to spend their hard-earned IP on unlocking them.

If anyone wants to check this out just go to :https://signup.leagueoflegends.com?ref=4b88d47ab6828

*This is a referral link. If you decide to give this game a try be a pal and use this link <3 I'll be grateful.

This game can be incredibly competitive but also incredibly fun. If you've never played anything like this, or even if you have, I'd highly recommend checking this game out.

My Summoner Name: noeCamron

tl;dr: League of Legends is free. And fun. And I play it. You should too.

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I have an account due to a friend in class telling me about it (and trying to get me to play it). Haven't actually gotten on yet to try it out as I've been busy with my final graduation project and classes in general (not to mention work on the outside of it). Been meaning to try it out though.

If I remember correctly my summoner name is Unhallowed.


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