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I'm New YAY ME

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well I'm Midget

I'm not really a midget, I'm 5'1 but I have alot of brothers that make fun of my hight cause they're all around 6 foot. I have a lot of nicknames like hobbit or oompa loompa, and of cousre midget. there are some other ones but I can't think of them off the top of my head. so I'm supose to be introducing myself...... well I'm not good at introductions so I'm just going to ramble lol..... maybe if I can get the words to come out i guess if that makes any sense?

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................................... lest see what can I say.... I gues I'll just talk about the basics. I'm a college student working on getting a associates in fine arts and general ed. I want to be a photographer but I also what to go to pastry school and become a pastry chef. I am currently living in california. I live w/ my mom and my asshole-ish stepdad. I'm a baby sitter for my mommy christine, and I deliver flowers on holidays like mothers day and valentines day. I'm looking for a job job so I can save up money to move out of my moms. ummmmmmmmmmmmm...... I'm 19 going on 20.....????

lol I don't what else to say..... oh I know I'm funny and interesting and people tell me that I seem older than I really am...... or well a better to put that ir people say I seem mature for my age ever though I can't spell worth crap.

well I'm going to stop myself cause I gotta go to class but thats my intro lol


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I do like scifi, but I don't watch a lot of TV, I'm usually never online but I've been trying to be on more cause it keeps me from leaving the house and going to parties and such. I like a lot of differnt kinds of animes. right now I'm working on finishing strain but my Xbox is currently living at my brothers cause if he doesn't have an Xbox or a game sysem in general he'll quite litterally go crazy. so I haven't really been able to finish the 12 or 13 episodes that are out. its downlaoded on my Xbox just in case your wondering why I can't finish it lol

right now the only things I make are chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, home made brownies, cakes, banna nut bread, and around christmas cut out cookies with home made frosting, different kinda of candy, snicker doodles, and some other stuff.

my great grandparents owned a bakery so we have a lot of family recipies.

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forgot something

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