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Next Gen Controversy: Weekly Roundup



Here are some of the latest controversies after the fallout of Xbox One's handling of used games.

PS4 will also have DRM for used games?


"TV host and industry pundit Geoff Keighley has said on tonight's Bonus Round TV show that, according to his sources, Sony is looking at some form of digital rights management for the sale of used games."

Twitter rises up over rumored PS4 DRM


"Spurred by Keighley's words, numerous gamers on Twitter are currently bombarding Sony with messages about the PS4's supposed used games DRM. The campaign was started by NeoGAF user famousmortimer who, in a forum thread, asked people to tweet several key Sony personnel, among them Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, about their displeasure."

Retailers can charge whatever they want for Used Xbox One games.


"According to "retail sources", trade publication MCV is reporting that stores will be able to sell Xbox One games for whatever price they want.

The catch? Both Microsoft and the game's publisher will get a percentage of that sale."

Xbox One will be region locked


"The Xbox 360 isn't completely region-locked – Microsoft currently allows studios to choose whether their games will work across regions"

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It'll be interesting if PS4 goes for DRM.. oh the rage people will have. XD


I wouldn't be surprised if Sony did that tho, all these companies are trying to copy steam.. but steam doesn't have physical games in stores like the consoles. So the new consoles will have to figure something new out to make everyone pay $60 a piece. But the culture of used games and borrowing is embedded into everyone. No more red box, no more borrowing games from friends... Considering Sony owns blu ray and all movies are out on blu ray, will Sony then impliment a DRM for blu ray movies next? Nobody will be able to borrow any movies in the future because the disk could be locked to only 2 players or some crap.

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If PS4 has DRM & these people want a Console that doubles as a Blu Ray player they might as well save the stress & just get a PS3.


If the next gen console war has done anything for me it has relieved me from needing a new format.


And Blu Ray as a Format for movies seems pointless if I can get movies on handheld devices.

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Good news is that current blu ray players including the PS3 will be able to play the upcoming 4k standard, so we shouldn't have to worry about a new super blu ray or competing new format for at least another 5 years.


Blu Ray as a format is nice because it is DRM free. If you want to take it to a friends house or let someone borrow a movie its not an issue.. But in the future I can see all that coming to a stop.


Many movie publishers have signed up with Ultraviolet.. basically a steam like account for all your digitally purchased movies and tv shows:




and Sony has integrated all their networks, including PSN into their one system. With this in place, they could put start implementing DRM on blu ray discs in the future.




Once everything is tied to everyone's acccounts, physical copies of games and movies will only be a means of distributing digital ownership. I don't think used games, movies, shows, etc. will even be sell-able in the future.

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