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Found 8 results

  1. Click the link for the rest of the article. My first thought after reading the headline was that they wanted to make a star trek style enterprise ship. But instead its a fleet of nanoships. This sounds amazing and plausible.
  2. Wow.
  3. *watches as the Destiny flies into a blackhole never to be seen again* Its a shame this show was made into shit, it had alot of potential.
  4. Anyone else catch the first episode last night? I'll have to give it a couple more episodes to really see what the series will be like. The Destiny looks like its huge. I wonder what size it is compared to Atlantis. But I thought it was pretty awesome that the ship has been traveling through multiple galaxies. I wonder if the series will only take place in one galaxy or if they'll have chunks of time traveling through the vast spaces between them. Interesting so far.
  5. The first link talks about crashing the probe crashing into the moon to see if they can find water molecules and get new data about the surface material of the moon. The second link shows how many people were disappointed in the non-visual results of the impact because scientists were thinking there would be an impact crater and a dust plume up to six miles long projecting out from the moon.. but that didn't happen. And if you go to NASA's website you can see the video of it happening. Wow, I'm glad I wasn't really looking forward to seeing it happen live. Even the video clip is nothing like what I'd have expected to see. I was thinking it would have been a fluid video, but instead it seemed to look like something made on photoshop.
  6. Looks like it'll have some good action. But if they have any characters that are anything like the idiot team of Sheppard, Ronin and Teyla, I'll drop this series.
  7. New episodes start Tuesday 9pm EDT. Anyone else a fan of the show? I love watching this show, its so informative.
  8. Hot damn!!! Yes! I hope to god they get a good cast this time and some better writers for the new series. The Atlantis crew is a joke except for Rodney and Selinka (sp?). But the story lines for the individual episodes have been horrible for the longest time too. (See my other topics for my stargate rants).