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Found 2 results

  1. [ame] [/ame]The trailer shows no hint at a plot... So I guess the decepticons had a moon base all along and now that they built up their forces they decide to go to earth to wage war in the middle of Chicago? and they obviously built up their forces for a rush like in starcraft because they bust out a protoss carrier? The special effects look good, but after transformers 2, i'll pass. I love special effects and all, but if the movie is nothing but Shia LaBeouf and some broken looking woman with cologen lips.. ehh.. no thanks.
  2. So I read earlier this year that Michael Bay said that transformers 3 will have less robots and less explosions and will focus more on the people. And then I read this news blurb about someone from Grey’s Anatomy being cast to play Megan Fox’s boss... wtf. Who cares about her boss? What about the tranformers? How bad is this movie going to be? x_x