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Found 3 results

  1. Stay inside this week!
  2. There is definitely a space junk issue in orbit.. but maybe Russia is doing this to make all those pieces of junk crash down on Russia's land so they can salvage all those rare minerals from the satellites or get access to some other countries tech? And if they're going to have a space bumper car up there, they could technically bump all kinds of satellites out of orbit so they could send projectiles down all over the globe in a war situation. Or maybe I'm just overthinking this...
  3. Holy shit. So this satellite is rotating around the earth in orbit which means it must be moving pretty fast like most other satellites... except this one is leaking droplets of radioactive fluid, which at those speeds could be like radioactive bullets hitting a space shuttle. and with the thing obviously taking impact damage of some kind, what if it now falls to earth? I doubt it'll burst into a mushroom cloud, but it'd definitely cause fallout problems or extreme radioactive contamination wherever it were to hit.