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Found 5 results

  1. From the album Battlefield 1 Wallpapers

    BF1 Plane 02

    © EA & DICE

  2. From the album Battlefield 1 Wallpapers

    BF1 Plane 01

    © EA & DICE

  3. The Air Force lost their second Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle.. umm.. what if it turns out that this plane is just all bs? and the fact that they lost 2 of them means that someone was able to pocket $170 million for each of these? ahaha... anyway.. I'm sure they're real.. and these things could be monstrously deadly.. traveling at 13,000 mph.. The US could send a bomb anywhere in the world within a half hour.
  4. [ame=]YouTube - F18 Hornet Extremely Low Flyby[/ame] So, do you think it is real or fake? The shadows look fake, and you would think the guy would have been knocked on his ass... what do you think?
  5.,2933,480434,00.html Click this link for a compilation of all the security video camera footage showing the plane landing in the hudson.,2933,480412,00.html Damn. It is amazing that everyone survived.