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Found 1 result

  1. Steam had a free multiplayer weekend for the game so I downloaded it and tried it out. My laptop doesn't handle the graphics that great so I had to scale it all down and was able to play it perfectly fine. I'm not going to complain about how the game looks because I obviously didn't see it in its finest, but I am going to complain about the gameplay. I played some TDM and I noticed there is no real teamwork involved in this game and everyone is either acting like rambo or sitting in a corner wearing a ghillie suit sniping people through walls. At one point I shot someone with a sniper rifle and got a +40 assist.. Does that mean my shot only did 40% damage? Anyway, some level 80 guy was sniped me probably 3 times and in the kill cam I could see how the first one hit me.. the second time I didn't even see myself in his scope, just the red indicator stating I was somewhere in the distance that he was aiming at and I think he shot through a building, and the third time I saw myself in his scope at a decent distance away, ran into a building and he somehow sniped me through a concrete wall. wtf. I play bf3 on ps3 and its been a while since I've done any multiplayer on a pc, but I still went about a .5 k/d. Anyone play COD: MW3? What are your thoughts on the game?