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Found 19 results

  1. From the album Destiny

    Destiny Enemies Fallen. HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  2. From the album Destiny

    Destiny Enemies Vex. HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  3. From the album Destiny

    Destiny Enemies Hive. HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  4. From the album Destiny

    Destiny Enemies Cabal. HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  5. From the album Destiny

    Destiny Titan HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  6. From the album Destiny

    Destiny Warlock HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  7. From the album Destiny

    Destiny Hunter HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  8. From the album Destiny


    © Bungie

  9. From the album Destiny

    Crucible. HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  10. From the album Destiny

    We Rise Again. HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  11. From the album Destiny

    Venus POV.

    © Bungie

  12. From the album Destiny

    Venus landscape.

    © Bungie

  13. From the album Destiny

    Our Golden Age. The Traveler on Earth. HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  14. From the album Destiny

    Old Russia.

    © Bungie

  15. From the album Destiny

    The New Frontier, Mars. HD Wallpaper.

    © Bungie

  16. From the album Destiny

    The Cabal on Mars.

    © Bungie

  17. From the album Destiny

    The accelerator on the Moon.

    © Bungie

  18. Dailymotion and Escapist videos will now auto-embed in posts. All you have to do is copy and paste the url of the page as a link. and will also auto-embed but you need to post the video link for them. Most twitch channels will have the current video playing.. thats not the correct link. You have to click on the video list on the page and copy the exact url of the video you want to post. Other than that it'll will auto-embed the video for you. (Random video I picked) Also Vine will auto-embed as well.. If only vine was available for android.. I'd post some bbq videos.
  19. I installed a nifty AME (Auto media embedder) mod on the forums. You can now embed videos and music from the following sites by simply posting the link to the content. No bbcode required. The following sites are compatible as of this post: 5min Life Videopedia Embed Videos! Adult Swim Embed Videos! AOL Music Embed Videos! AOL Video Embed Videos! Atom Embed Videos! Break Embed Videos! Break (User Content) Embed User Content Videos! CBS News Embed Videos! CBS Sports Embed Videos! CNN Embed Videos! Comedy Central Embed Videos! eBaums World (Audio) Embed Audio! eBaums World (Videos) Embed Videos! eSnips (Music) Embed eSnips Music Player! eSnips (Videos) Embed Videos! ESPN Embed Videos! ESPN (Article Pages) Embed Videos from Article Pages! File Front Embed Videos! Flickr (Videos) Embed Videos! Flickr Slideshows (Photostreams) Embed SlideShows! Flickr Slideshows (Sets) Embed SlideShows! Fox News Embed Videos! G4TV Embed Videos! Game Trailers Embed Videos! Game Trailers (User Movies) Embed User Movies! GamesOpoly Embed Games! GameSpot (Part 1) Embed Videos! (Age Verification Error Needs to be Corrected by GameSpot themselves) GameSpot (Part 2) Embed Videos! (Age Verification Error Needs to be Corrected by GameSpot Themselves) GameVideos Embed Videos Giant Bomb Embed Videos! Google VideoConverts Videos! (Google Hosted Only) Hulu Embed Videos! IGN Embed Videos! ImageShack (Slideshows) Embed ImageShack.US Slideshows! ImageShack (Videos) Embed ImageShack.US Videos! MegaVideo Embed Videos! Meta Cafe Embed Videos! MLG: The Game Room Embed Videos! MSNBC Embed News Videos! MTV Embed Videos! MTV Music Embed Videos! MySpace Embed Videos! Photobucket (Videos) Embed Videos using "Share URL" link! Revver Embed Videos! South Park (Clips) Embed Video Clips! Spike Embed Videos! The Colbert Report (Clips) Embed Video Clips! The Daily Show (Clips) Embed Video Clips! The Onion Embed Videos! The WB Embed Videos! (Auto Plays) TinyPic (Videos) Embed Videos Veoh Embed Videos! Xfire Embed Videos! (Auto Plays) Yahoo! Embed Videos! YouTube (HQ/HD) Embed High Quality and High Definition Videos (fmt=18& or fmt=22&) YouTube (Playlists) Embed Playlists! You TubeAutomatically youtubes your entries!