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Found 156 results

  1. I was a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and this remaster looks amazing compared to the original game on PS2. I would love to replay this game again on the PS3. Like I said above, I was a big fan of KH.. until KH2 came out. Kingdom Hearts 2 had much better game play compared to KH1, unfortunately, KH2 was actually KH3 because it was a sequel to a gameboy game. Considering the amount of KH games that have come out since KH2 on hand held systems, I can only assume KH3 will actually be Kingdom Hearts 9. Unless KH3 will be a stand alone game that requires no plot knowledge from the previous hand held games, I will have no interest in playing this game. Click here to view the article
  2. If you haven't played season 1 or 2, the trailer seems to be spoiler free and doesn't reference any of those events. WTF.. Jesus is in this!?
  3. I finally got around to finishing Wolfenstein: The New Order last night. The plot was good and the overall experience was great. Well worth the $7 I got the game on sale for during a PSN sale. Dual wielding weapons seemed a bit pointless for most of the game until you get to the last areas and it becomes pretty vital. The officers in the game could call in reinforcements so it was best to kill them first. After you get an upgrade you can detect their communications signals and it encourages you to play a bit of a stealth game to kill them off first and then sweep up the rest of the enemies afterwards. Sneaking around thru some duct work and access passages to throw a knife in the back of some guy's head or use a silenced pistol was pretty damn fun. But the real fun of this game is to go full guns blazing and destroy everything in your path. I died so many times doing that in the second part of the game. lol. Some enemies have some extremely strong metal armor on and take quite a beating. I was a fan of the original Wolfenstein and even though this felt like a completely different game from the original (thats actually a good thing tho. Nobody wants 8-bit fps games now. ), it was very enjoyable. I thought this would be a WW2 game, but aside from the beginning, the game actually takes place in the aftermath of the war in which the Nazi's won. The Nazi weaponary in this timeline heavily borrowed from Nikola Tesla. The Tesla grenade was good, but my favorite weapon the Laserkraftwerk was the best. Throughout the game you keep finding upgrades for it too. I still need to play Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the stand alone DLC game. Its a prequel that takes place during WW2, so I know there will wont be a laser gun in it for me, but I'm sure I'll find some other favorite weapon.
  4. Square Enix has announced the sequel to the hugely popular reboot of Tomb Raider! Rise of the Tomb Raider will be available in 2015. Sources: |
  5. Square Enix has announced the sequel to the hugely popular reboot of Tomb Raider! Rise of the Tomb Raider will be available in 2015. Sources: | Click here to view the article
  6. I've never played an Assassin's Creed game before. Does anyone know if this is a good price for all these games considering I'd have to use Uplay (my pc can play them fine)? Or would I be better off picking these up on console during a PSN sale?
  7. I started playing this a couple days ago on PS4 since its a free PS+ game. I didn't know anything about it or what to expect. Turns out it is like being in an interactive horror movie. There is no attacking anything.. you are a reporter trying to document the illegal activities of an insane asylum.. but about 2 minutes into it the game quickly becomes "escape from the insane asylum". All you have is a hand held camcorder with a night vision mode that consumes batteries. The game seems interesting and it definitely feels like a horror movie. I only played it for about 10-20 minutes but I'm not sure if I'll go back to it or not because I have a feeling it'll get predictable or it'll loose its scary edge for me. I will say this.. the sound effects and timing of music adds a great atmosphere to the horror effect. Along with the night vision camera it feels very creepy. Heres is a video of other people playing it. lol.
  8. . Here is a quick run down on what the game is about: They have recently started work on the single player campaign, and this is the most recent video they have released: This game is going to be gigantic and it's potential is huge. Imagine it, over $32 million in funds for a company dedicated to making a single game.
  9. I haven't paid much attention to Star Citizen, but with the constant updates I've seen about huge sums of money, I had to look into this. Star Citizen is the project of Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander. He wanted to make the best space game ever, completely funded by his fans, and he is going to accomplish it. After starting his crowd funding campaign on his own website and kickstarter last year, they have now reached over $32,000,000. Yes.. over $32 Million. As the large sums of money keep pouring in, there are new funding goals added for every million dollar mark. Source: https://robertsspace...m/funding-goals. Here is a quick run down on what the game is about: They have recently started work on the single player campaign, and this is the most recent video they have released: This game is going to be gigantic and it's potential is huge. Imagine it, over $32 million in funds for a company dedicated to making a single game. Click here to view the article
  10. I played this demo a few weekends ago and I was not impressed at all. I've been looking forward to a new Final Fantasy game for years and this particular game has been in development for what.. 20 years I think? Its a game that was scrapped and revitalized and renamed numerous times and is finally getting released. All the previews of the game looked interesting. A freestyle fighting system, teleporting sword play, and a bunch of guys driving around in a car while seeing huge monsters roaming the wild. So I got the demo and what a disappointment. This is the kind of demo that makes me glad I didn't preorder this. Wtf. I booted it up and instead of all the cool stuff I saw in the trailers, my character is a little kid with a squeaky hammer weapon. It felt like I was playing Kingdom Hearts again. The camera was crappy and the graphics were unimpressive as if made for PS3. I have a bad feeling that this game is going to tank since Square Enix thought this demo must have been good since they released it to the public. It makes perfect sense that Square Enix's next Final Fantasy game will be a remake of FF7. They obviously have no idea what they are doing with making a new game at this point. I don't want some kiddy Kingdom Hearts crap. I want an epic RPG that will suck me into the world and make me feel for the characters and feel invested in the plot. Instead I got a demo that makes me want to not even look at any more footage of this game and completely forget about it even existing at this point. Maybe it'll be good, but I sure as hell am not going to buy this on launch day now. Its pretty messed up too. If not for this demo, I would have bought this on launch day guaranteed. This is the first time a demo has actually made me change my plans on buying a game.
  11. "Come, join us guardian. In a lifeless world where the only things that exist are you and the enemies that spawn. Ignore these wolves. You'll only see them in a cut scene anyway. Here, have a free gjallarhorn and don't notice any more flaws." No Bungie. No thanks. I already have that weapon and its pointless because its does so little damage to almost every enemy. I'm not paying you money for an upgraded version of the exact same weapon I bought on the last day I played your game. Good luck in the future. Maybe Destiny 2 will be good but I'm not a raid guy and I realized that you're all about raids and no significant in game plot. I'll pass. This is one of those games that if I want to know the story about, I'll watch it on youtube so I can skip 200 hours of gear grinding to watch a total of 2 hours of cutscenes and dialogue.
  12. The gameplay looks very similar to the first game, but some of the new stuff is pretty cool. I love the idea of controlling drones in this, but the best part of Watch Dogs to me was the plot. I'm a bit disappointed this isn't an actual sequel. I loved the car driving in the first game. I'd jump in a car and just drive everywhere for the hell of it. Sure some of those car evasions were a pain in the ass. I remember driving for over 10 minutes like a maniac trying to loose some guys before. Good times.
  13. I've been playing Prince of Persia since way back in the Broderbund days. And just as those classic games broke the barriers of cutting edge gaming back then, the new Prince of Persia does the same. Throwing aside the old side scrolling action and breaking new ground with such entirely unique gameplay, the Prince of Persia series is redifined with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The game is played in 3rd person perspective with camera controls so excellent, you will never miss out on any of the action. If you were to watch someone playing this, you would think the controls would be intimidating. But in fact, the controls are simple to learn thanks to the basic tutorial that assists you through the beginning scenes. The plot is great because of its simplicity. To quote a description from the publisher: Basically, everyone is turned into a sand demon, but as you play, you soon realize there are 2 others not affected by the Sands.. a young woman of the Maharajah kingdom named Farah and the evil Vizier. They both possess objects that protect them from the affects of the Sand, such as the Dagger has kept the Prince safe. After the Sands of Time are released, you quickly discover that the only way to destroy the sand demons is to absorb their sand into the Dagger of Time. The Dagger also has other abilities, such as if you were to die abruptly by a missed jump, the Dagger can rewind time at your discretion so you can make another attempt. The Dagger can do this as long as it has sand reserves. To refill the Dagger, simply kill another sand demon and absorb its sand. As you progress through the game, the Dagger will become stronger with every kill enabling you to do other feats than just rewinding time. The game is tied together with action and puzzle solving. For example: Kill all the enemies in the room, then get from point A to point B to progress to the next area. And this is were the Prince's abilities really shine. By doing combinations of wall running, jumping, swinging, climbing, pulling switches, hitting levers and wall jumping.. this game is sure to keep you entertained. With no major stage boundaries or level completion notices, Prince of Persia is a constant, fluid, adrenaline rush adventure. Graphics: 10 Sound: 10 Control: 10 Camera: 8 Plot: 9 Gameplay: 10 Overall: 10 Platform: PlayStation 2 Genre: Action Adventure Publisher: UBI SOFT Developer: UBI SOFT Released: 11/06/2003
  14. That battle system is straight out of Chrono Trigger. An old school style RPG game on current gen consoles and not a handheld exclusive. Finally. Square Enix, please continue doing this.
  15. I never played any of the Assassin's Creed games so I have nothing to compare this to. But it does looks far far better than that horrible Prince of Persia movie.
  16. Prison Of Elders - What is it? Prison of Elders - Rewards
  17. The new weapons and gear seem cool. I wish the game would emphasize more on the plot and new locations. I was hoping to see a new world shown in this trailer, but it doesn't. Instead it looks like they added some more missions to the earth and the moon and added 1 strike and a raid that I'll probably never complete. But at least there is all new raid gear for the hard core players. I'll definitely play this when it comes out to see how the new story missions are but I wish they would add match making to the raids and weekly missions tho to make the game a bit more enjoyable.
  18. Now that the full game is out, I figure we can retire the old Beta topic. I started playing Destiny yesterday for less than an hour and my initial impressions is that the game definitely feels more polished from the beta. It feels more fluid, the graphics look a bit crisper, the foot prints your character makes in the sand are more accurate with each foot step. Right when the game starts, walk to some sand and stare at your feet while you walk. All the little things look great, dust on your HUD, a cracked RDS on that old salvaged rifle you initially find. Overall I'm rather impressed and I'm also quite pleased that I already got a sniper rifle as my first secondary weapon. Any pre-order bonuses you might be due are all located at the postmaster in the tower. You get 3 ghost casing, 2 gamestop sparrows and 1 ship. Grab them all, equip them on your main character and throw the extras into your storage for your other characters to use later on. I uploaded some screenshots of the bonuses to see what they look like. I must say tho, I've already seen better looking ships other players acquired in the beta. The ghost casing and sparrow look decent. But the sparrows I saw in the beta had quick strafing abilities while this one only has the quick break. So my guess is that these bonuses are all pretty much first tier kind of unlocks and we'll all have something better within a couple weeks. *edit* I got an email from Bungie telling me I have another emblem waiting for me and to speak to Tess to receive it. I also forgot to mention that the postmaster had that Destiny Beta stress test emblem for me. But there was only 1 of those. I have not tried making an extra character yet to see if I get more duplicates of any of the pre-order items or if the initial duplicates were specifically given to the first character on the account.
  19. Aside from Dane Vogel the following I hope show up are. Mr. Sunshine - Preferably referencing Montezuma from Robot Chicken. But that most likely won't happen. Revenge!.... Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Dex - He died between Saints Row 2 & Saints Row: The Third in a game that was scrapped. Assuming he's dead despite that game being scrapped I want to see him in it. Philip Loren - His death was too fast. I would've preferred something more memorable. Shogo Akuji - Just so Gat could beat the crap out of him again. Jyunichi - Almost the same reason as Shogo. Matt from The Feed Dogs - He was too easily killed by a brick. Josh Birk - He should be there just for being a bad actor. Oleg Kirrlov - Despite being one of my favorite Third Street Saints he did have a shady past that wasn't delved into. Tobias - Assuming he died from the earth being destroyed. Also Brandon Keener is same voice actor who did Garrus from Mass Effect. Laura - Tobias's Wife. Jessica - Okay I don't need any closure since the trunk was already closed.... The General - I found his death underwhelming. Maero - Well he doesn't need to show up. Michael Dorn is still awesome though. Kazuo Akuji - Actually I hope he isn't dead. His last words in Saints Row 2 were "When I escape The World will not be big enough for you to hide in!" I don't have any listed from the first Saints Row because I've been too lazy to finish it....
  20. I finally got around to finishing the game, anyone else beat it yet? I'm still working on the 400 days DLC. What do you think were the biggest decisions you made in the game? I couldn't stand Lilly and Kenny.. I tried to be neutral the entire time but both of these guys ended up being real assholes, especially Lilly. I also never cared for Ben, but when I was holding him in that tower, I decided to save him. I also put a bullet in Duck's head.. Even though I didn't care for Kenny, it didn't feel right to me to let him do it himself.
  21. They have impressed me.. This game is made by Bioware and powered by Frostbite 3. I'm already planning on buying it for the PS4. Source:
  22. They have impressed me.. This game is made by Bioware and powered by Frostbite 3. I'm already planning on buying it for the PS4. Source: Click here to view the article
  23. It will be a while before I get to this one. Too many things coming out tomorrow. GTA V and the next episode of GW2 Living World.
  24. With the upcoming release of the Dragon's Teeth DLC for Battlfield 4, DICE has started an event this weekend called Battlefest. Double XP, free camo and competitions. I'll be playing briefly today, more tomorrow and again this upcoming week.. that is.. until the Destiny beta starts. Source: Battlelog